Artist and alternative quilter


“Using paper and fabric, Maria captures memories and experiences in her work. Some of these events are deeply personal. It is soon clear that her work is a repository where emotions can be stored or released through the act of making. It’s not necessary to know what these specific events are – but they are there, and as real a part and parcel of the layers in her work as the materials she employs.” Jo Hall, Embroidery Nov/Dec 2011

“Maria describes her work as being a celebration of our daily rituals and the associated ephemera that passes unnoticeably through our hands. It’s inspired by the overlooked and the domestic. Drawing inspiration from the events of her life, memories and experiences are pieced and patched together using found papers, often food wrappers and packaging, as well as used fabrics and small objects.” Ali Ferguson, Cloth Stories – Capturing domestic life in textile art. Batsford 2024

Originally from South Wales, Maria currently lives in Warwickshire, England. She has designed textiles for fashion and exhibited regularly, and her work is featured in public and private collections in the UK and overseas. Her work has also been featured in books and magazines. Maria also runs an independent embroidered textile course, and tutors and lectures throughout the UK.